Visual Studio 2010 SP1 – RiaServices.msi + Dotfuscator + more (missing files)

By | June 27, 2012

Even though there is the new release candidate of Visual Studio 2012 out recently, there are still projects/clients that need Visual Studio 2010.

I was updating a VM to be Service Pack 1 of Visual Studio Studio 2010 – and it was failing on the “WCF RIA Services” piece – and asking for the “file”…

Huh ??

After some poking about, and checking blogs, etc – I worked out :

  • The installer is updating to the new version of RIA Services
  • It needs to uninstall the OLD version
  • It can’t find it – and no, it’s not the file on the DVD/ISO

If you check in “Add/Remove Programs”, there is an entry for it – but even THAT can’t be uninstalled…>


The only way to do it – and this solved for me :

That should do it !    Try the Visual Studio SP1 again – and it’ll proceed safely & happily.

Just had a thought that you could probably select this file during the Visual Studio SP1 process – ie. you don’t need to uninstall view Add/Remove Programs.

The main trick is to get the “v1.0” WCF RIA Services file – to allow for the “UN” install of it.


OK – got past that one – and had a similar problem with the “Dotfuscator Community Edition”.


For this – I delved into the original Visual Studio 2010 installer (ISO) :

  • Have a look in the WCUDotfuscator folder.


  • There is a “DotfuscatorCE.msi” file
  • Save it out to a folder (eg. C:temp)
  • Within the installer, choose the file – and click OK


OK – that should be *IT*, right ??!

Winking smile


Nope – hit another one !!    SQL Server 2008 R2 Data-Tier Application Framework.

This is within the original Visual Studio installer :  WCUDAC folder

Grab all THREE files – as you’ll need to select/uninstall these during the SP1 install.



Next one :  SQL Server 2008 R2 Management Objects

This is located in the (original) Visual Studio installer : WCUSMO

Grab the entire folder (as with the DAC above) – need ‘em all.



Next one : F#   (FSharpRedist2.0.msi)

This is located in the (original) Visual Studio installer : WCUFSharp


Next one : Visual Studio 2010 Office Developer Tools (x64)

This is located in the (original) Visual Studio installer : WCUVSTO

Need to grab this file :  vstodt40_x64.msi


Another one : Microsoft Help Viewer

This is located in the (original) Visual Studio installer : WCUHelp

There are two EXE files – you’ll need to ‘extract’ the contents – using WinRAR, or similar.

Eg.  HelpSetup_x64.exe has the following – you only need to grab the MSI :



Last one (?) : SharePoint Developer Tools

This is located in the (original) Visual Studio installer : WCUSpTools

Copy the file :  SpTools_x86_enu.msi


Nope !   One more : Visual C++ Runtime

This is located in the (original) Visual Studio installer : WCUVCRuntimes

Copy the whole folder, will need to update the x64 and x86 MSI’s…


OK – wow – that was kinda tricky & annoying – but all done now – PHEW !


Here’s a few articles that may help – if my post didn’t sort out your problem :

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