6 Fantastic Features of SharePoint Document Libraries

column - 6 Fantastic Features of SharePoint Document Libraries

Think of SharePoint document libraries as folders on steroids. These handy libraries allow end-users to keep their workspace organized and uncluttered while focusing on the work at hand. Of course, document libraries on SharePoint have loads of benefits and features. We have however singled out a couple of our favorites.

#1 Offline Syncing

End-users don’t have to worry about making changes or working while not connected. The offline syncing feature allows you to work while offline and sync via the OneDrive app. Whether you are using your tablet, phone or laptop, you can rest assured that as soon as you are connected, everything will be updated and synced. Easy-peasy.

#2 Metadata

Metadata allows end-users to customize their libraries to suit their thinking and needs. That’s right, no matter how you name a file or folder, inserting metadata will enable you to find files and folders in a cinch. Files are categorized in any way you please yet won’t get lost. Colleagues will easily be able to find whatever you are working on.

#3 Version History

A lot of end-users have probably encountered a moment where they wanted to go back to a previous version but simply couldn’t. With SharePoint document libraries you can go back to previous versions of the same document if you’ve stuffed it up and start from the beginning. You can also delete document versions that are outdated and revert to the original version of the document.

user - 6 Fantastic Features of SharePoint Document Libraries

#4 Teams, Groups and Yammer

All of the abovementioned applications have the option to save and share files, right? Here’s something neat though. These file folders are hosted in a SharePoint site specifically for those applications. Neat, right? You might not be able to access it in the app itself, but you will be able to find it in the library in SharePoint.

#5 Alerts

It would be kind of pointless having a collaborative content managing system where you don’t know what’s happened on a document or file you are involved with. That’s why you have alerts. Alerts can be set up in SharePoint’s document libraries. You’ll get a notification via email whenever there’s a new change or comment made on one of the documents or files you have been working on. How’s that for efficiency?

#6 Co-Authoring

Do you remember the days when you couldn’t access a document or file because someone else had it open? It makes getting things done difficult. The co-authoring feature of document libraries allows users to work on a file or document simultaneously while saving all the changes as you work. This makes collaborating and reviewing a whole lot easier. And you are also able to setup restrictions if you don’t want someone else editing a specific file too.

Whatever version of Microsoft SharePoint your corporation is using, you’ll benefit from using at least some of the features we’ve listed here. Working efficiently has never been so easy or so much fun while collaborating with colleagues and other stakeholders. Which is your favorite SharePoint document library feature?

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