laptop used - Want to Be a SharePoint Developer? You’ll Need These Six Qualities

Want to Be a SharePoint Developer? You’ll Need These Six Qualities

Are you flirting with the idea of becoming a SharePoint developer? Do you have what it takes? Contrary to common perceptions, it takes a bit more than just fantastic programming skills to be a great SharePoint developer. You’ll need some business savvy too, and of course be able to work with end-users effectively.

Still keen on becoming a SharePoint developer? See if your skills and qualities match the top six qualities listed in this post.

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1. You Have Excellent Communication Skills

No, you are not going to sit in the back room and answer IT calls. As a SharePoint developer, you’ll be working with loads of different people from all over the world. This includes business owners, employees and others all wanting to communicate their needs. You will have to be able to communicate effectively to deliver the goods and keep the end-user happy.

2. You Can Develop Web Parts to suit End-Users’ Needs

That’s right. You will have to be some Jedi at.Net programming. As a SharePoint developer you’ll have to be able to develop web parts that accommodates the needs of end-users. If you don’t know this already, web parts are key units of SharePoint web pages and the building blocks of SharePoint. If you can’t develop web parts, you should start looking into it.

3. You Have a Good Knowledge of Industry Specific Processes

Developing is one thing, but understanding business needs and being able to build a collaboration platform that is specific to an industry’s needs is another thing altogether. As a SharePoint developer, you’ll need to know and understand how businesses work and use the platform to their advantage. This will allow you to create truly useful and flawless SharePoint platforms.

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4. You Have a Firm Grasp on Basic Web Design

You won’t be building corporate intranets alone, you’ll also be responsible for building and maintaining extranet portals. This is to ensure businesses have access to a portal where everyone can communicate and collaborate no matter where they are. If you have basic web design skills it should go a long way when you become a SharePoint developer.

5. You Have Microsoft Certification

Okay, this is not a prerequisite, but it can help a lot. As a flagship Microsoft product, Microsoft offers loads of SharePoint courses which will allow you to become a certified SharePoint developer. This is offered to authenticate those who can customize SharePoint to accommodate end-users’ needs. Having one of these certificates may come in handy.

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6. You Have Programming Skills

This one goes without saying. To develop and maintain SharePoint collaboration platforms you’ll need a sound understanding of programming and programming languages. You’ll also need to know how SharePoint admin and servers work. Specific programming languages you should have fair knowledge of includes HTML, CSS.Net, Jquery and JavaScript.

Still interested in becoming a SharePoint developer? We sure hope so. At the end of the day it can be a very rewarding job that enables you to make the lives of large corporations much easier. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!

typing - SharePoint 101: Getting Started on SharePoint

SharePoint 101: Getting Started on SharePoint

Are you only discovering Microsoft SharePoint for the first time and feeling a bit lost? Learning how to work on new software can be a bit intimidating, especially if you are not familiar with it at all. Not to worry though, we’ve got your back!

In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of SharePoint. It serves as an introduction covering all the need-to-know features.

#1 SharePoint Explained

What’s the big deal, and what’s it all about? In a nutshell, SharePoint is Microsoft’s browser-based content management system. It offers users the opportunity to collaborate and work in one, centralized and protected space.

software - SharePoint 101: Getting Started on SharePoint

#2 SharePoint Sites

A SharePoint site is a place where teams can work together and collaborate on projects. In other words, it is a space where documents can be shared, saved and edited. It’s the perfect platform for teams working on the same project to collaborate and work together.

It also allows you to create and access task lists and calendars in one space. Usually one person will be a dedicated administrator who oversees these sites and its accessibility to team members.

#3 Search Functionality

The search functionality on SharePoint will allow you to find important documents and tasks within the click of a button. No more looking around for a presentation or spreadsheet, simply search for it and you shall find, no problem!

searcg - SharePoint 101: Getting Started on SharePoint

#4 What are SharePoint Lists?

Everything created in SharePoint is in a list format. It consists of headings and rows and is used to keep the workspace organized and easy to navigate, comparable to something created in an Excel spreadsheet. You can expect the following from using SharePoint lists:

  • A list will be linked and synced with your Outlook account and other users.
  • A list can be updated by team members who have access to it.
  • Includes a list view of projects, deadlines and can be edited by team members who have access to it.

#5 What are SharePoint Libraries?

Libraries can be compared to file folders and are in essence a form of lists. Let’s make it a bit simpler. If you have multiple clients, one client’s projects will be located in a library. This includes documents, presentations and other type of content.

And that’s the basics of SharePoint covered! There are of course a couple of other things we didn’t quite get to here, but once you have these basic concepts figured out, you’ll do just fine.