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Professional programmer Albert Amos first dipped his toes in the SharePoint pool back in 2008, and what can we say, it was love at first byte. After initial flirtations, our founder soon became a dedicated and certified Microsoft SharePoint developer.

Albert came to understand the need for guides and tutorials for those not familiar with coding and established SharePoint Root. The goal is to share the latest news and information on developments in the world of software technology, and more specifically SharePoint.

What started out as a fun educational blog, soon gained traction and grew to the site our readers know and love today. Even though our offices are situated in Kingsport, Texas, we write and publish for a global audience. Since the site’s inception in 2011, our team grew considerably.

Our humble beginnings focused on Microsoft SharePoint education, and yet we’ve started including all spheres of development here too. So, whether you need a handy guide on how to get started on SharePoint, or need some pointers on starting a career in programming, SharePoint Root is the place for you!

We also offer our loyal readership the opportunity to join our ranks and write for our publication. Head on over to our Contribute page to find out how you can become a SharePoint Root team member.

Welcome to SharePoint Root – Your Go-To for Everything SharePoint.