4 Key SharePoint Features We Love

compuer - 4 Key SharePoint Features We Love

It’s no secret that SharePoint is the wunderkind of collaboration suites today. The majority of larger corporation swear by using Microsoft SharePoint to manage projects and increase productivity. We are of course also lovers of this tool, and we can single out four key features that is amazing.

1. SharePoint Lists

This feature allows users to work in an uncluttered and efficiently managed way. Teams can manage their tasks and project information easily by using the wonder of SharePoint lists. Keep track of current jobs, edit and collaborate with this key feature of Microsoft SharePoint. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Navigate to ‘Get started with your site’
  2. Click on the ‘Add lists, libraries and other apps’ button

2.  SharePoint Workflows

Workflows are perfect for managing projects and clients and can be compared to traditional flowcharts. It keeps the work space tidy and team members geared to meeting deliverables. What’s more is SharePoint also provides a bunch of templates that can be set-up in-house or even customized. There are several roles and not everyone will be able to edit workflows:

  1. Participant: A Team member who is responsible for completing a task on workflow
  2. Creator: The team member responsible for managing the project
  3. Initiator: A team member who can add a new task or list to the workflow
  4. Author: A team member who is responsible for configuring the workflow

sharept - 4 Key SharePoint Features We Love

3. SharePoint Libraries

What we love most about SharePoint libraries is the fact that it allows all team members to collaborate, edit and add files and folders. Utilizing libraries will also increase the search and analysis functionalities. SharePoint provides preconfigured library apps, making our lives a whole lot easier!

4. SharePoint Project Sites

Project Sites on SharePoint acts as a key component that facilitates and supports work management. This is by far the easiest and best way to collaborate and manage small-medium sized projects and tasks. SharePoint Sites consists of multiple components to ensure workflow is efficient:

  1. Task Management
  2. Calendar
  3. Project Summary
  4. Document Library
  5. Task List

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as projects that are running smoothly and teams that can collaborate without a hassle. These features are but a few of our favorites and helps streamlining the workflow. What’s your favorite feature?

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