SharePoint 101: Getting Started on SharePoint

typing - SharePoint 101: Getting Started on SharePoint

Are you only discovering Microsoft SharePoint for the first time and feeling a bit lost? Learning how to work on new software can be a bit intimidating, especially if you are not familiar with it at all. Not to worry though, we’ve got your back!

In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of SharePoint. It serves as an introduction covering all the need-to-know features.

#1 SharePoint Explained

What’s the big deal, and what’s it all about? In a nutshell, SharePoint is Microsoft’s browser-based content management system. It offers users the opportunity to collaborate and work in one, centralized and protected space.

software - SharePoint 101: Getting Started on SharePoint

#2 SharePoint Sites

A SharePoint site is a place where teams can work together and collaborate on projects. In other words, it is a space where documents can be shared, saved and edited. It’s the perfect platform for teams working on the same project to collaborate and work together.

It also allows you to create and access task lists and calendars in one space. Usually one person will be a dedicated administrator who oversees these sites and its accessibility to team members.

#3 Search Functionality

The search functionality on SharePoint will allow you to find important documents and tasks within the click of a button. No more looking around for a presentation or spreadsheet, simply search for it and you shall find, no problem!

searcg - SharePoint 101: Getting Started on SharePoint

#4 What are SharePoint Lists?

Everything created in SharePoint is in a list format. It consists of headings and rows and is used to keep the workspace organized and easy to navigate, comparable to something created in an Excel spreadsheet. You can expect the following from using SharePoint lists:

  • A list will be linked and synced with your Outlook account and other users.
  • A list can be updated by team members who have access to it.
  • Includes a list view of projects, deadlines and can be edited by team members who have access to it.

#5 What are SharePoint Libraries?

Libraries can be compared to file folders and are in essence a form of lists. Let’s make it a bit simpler. If you have multiple clients, one client’s projects will be located in a library. This includes documents, presentations and other type of content.

And that’s the basics of SharePoint covered! There are of course a couple of other things we didn’t quite get to here, but once you have these basic concepts figured out, you’ll do just fine.

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